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East Park Trout Habitat

COST OF PROJECT: $210,000 (combination of DDA and Marina funds)




The finishing touch to the Charlevoix Marina Expansion / East Park Renovation Project was the design and construction of a self-sustaining trout habitat. The habitat meanders along the souternmost wall of the Harbor Master Building and takes advantage of the natural slope of the terrain to replicate small eddies, babbling rapids and mesmerizing waterfalls typically found in a northern Michigan trout stream. The habitat compliments the nearby Charlevoix Fountain of Youth and adds yet another youth-oriented activity in Downtown Charlevoix.




Constructed by Charlevoix's own Site Planning Development, the habitat is engineered to support a long-term population of approximately 50 fish on a year-round basis. The stream runs at a controlled 51 degrees, the ideal temperature for Michigan trout. In an effort to reproduce a native trout stream, landscaping includes juniper trees, pine needles and other Michigan flora. During its official opening dedication on May 15, 2009, 50 rainbow trout were donated by Site Planning Development of Charlevoix.




East Park has hosted a trout population for decades. The first trout pond was located in the center of East Park and following its demolition, a second pond was constructed immediately in front of the former performance pavilion. The current habitat is the direct result of citizen input during the exceedingly thorough public comment period which played a significant role in determining the final design of the Marina Expansion / East Park renovation project.