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Earl Young Structures

Earl A. Young, 1889-1975

Earl Andrew Young was born in Mancelona about thirty miles south of Charlevoix.  His family moved here in 1900. Earl immediately became entranced with the stones and boulders that he discovered along the Lake Michigan shoreline and in the woods and fields.  They had been dropped by retreating glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. Never a registered architect, always referring to himself as a realtor, Earl, with his extraordinary imagination and vision, went on to create from these stones 30 unique structures over 54 years (26 residential, 4 commercial), of which 28 still embellish the Charlevoix landscape.

How to visit the Earl Young Structures

The first Park Avenue group of Earl Young houses is easily accessible and within walking distance from downtown Bridge Street.  Turn onto Park Avenue, which is half a block south of the channel bridge, and proceed two blocks, crossing State Street and Grant.

From there, continue about a quarter of a mile on Park Avenue for two more houses then go to Boulder Park on the Lake Michigan shore just beyond the Charlevoix Area Hospital. 

The two Thistle Downs Lane houses are east of the Edgewater Inn and there are three commercial structures located on the north side of the channel bridge.

Maps of the Earl Young homes are available at the Chamber office, 109 Mason Street or download HERE.

Guided tours are also offered by The Charlevoix Historical Society and Tour Michigan, Inc.

Books/Guides for Purchase, sold locally

A Guide to the Earl Young Structures in Charlevoix, the Beautiful by the Charlevoix Historical Society

The Wizard of Boulder Park documentary DVD available at the Charlevoix Historical Society

Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix by Mike Barton